About Us


"I use Scott for all my event timing because I know
I will get reliable timing and first class support"

Who are we?

Tri and Enter Events Ltd is a Chip Timing, Event Service Provider and a Leading Sporting Events Management Company. With over 10 years of Chip Timing and Event Management experience,  we are passionate about sport and take a huge amount of pride in delivering a affordable,  efficient and professional service. We offer event consultation, support and have built open and honest relationships with our clients over the years.  Our key aim is to ensure athletes have a safe and successful event.

Our Vision

To build strong relationships with our race organisers, we believe in helping you in any way we can and not just for the services you’ve booked us for. We believe we offer the best priced service on the market so will offer a price guarantee for any new quotes.

Scott Powell

Company Director

(working hard in typical British weather)

Meet Scott

Scott is the company director of Tri & Enter and is well known in the world of athletic sporting events (especially the field of Triathlon). Scott has been involved in events all his life, whether it’s taking part or organising as a race director. 

With Scott’s experience comes vast knowledge in the game, he noticed there was a lack of event timing companies who can deliver reliably at a cost effective price and decided to do something about it. 

He also realised that people wanted to deliver events but didn’t have the time or skills therefore Scott offers to deliver events at top quality level.  

Some words from Scott

As a race organiser and an athlete I realise the importance of delivering a first class event which will be the goal for many people who wish to achieve their own personal ambitions. We have the passion, skills and most of all the determination to continue delivering the highest quality events and race services to all our valuable customers. We deliver unrivalled customer and athlete support to ensure that we help as many events as possible prosper from using our services and encourage people of all abilities to enjoy their chosen sport.